Welcome to your lakelandluxury.com gift voucher

Important things to know

Your voucher is NOT valid at hotels. Please do not present your voucher at a hotel as it will not be accepted. Your voucher is valid for bookings via lakelandluxury.com or any of our sister websites. You can choose your break(s) from any of the following websites:

  • offpeakluxury.com
  • cotswoldhotelbreaks.com
  • countryhotelbreaks.com
  • luxuryhotelbreaks.com
  • lakelandluxury.com

You can book online, or by telephone, on 0333 2126 653.

Please take careful note of your expiry date and put it in your phone/diary straight away if you aren't yet ready to book. If you allow your voucher to expire it will be lost, and there are no exceptions to this.

Vouchers are valid for a year, unless otherwise stated. Customers are allowed to post-date the start period and if your voucher's expiry date is more than a year away it will not become valid until 1 year from the expiry date.

You can make more than one booking with your voucher if you have sufficient funds on it; there is no need to use it all in one go. You can use it towards anything that is booked in advance via ourselves, but cannot use it for extras incurred at the hotel.

Need to extend your voucher?

If you would like to extend the life of your voucher for any reason, we can extend if by a further 12 months for a small charge of £17.50. You will need your existing voucher code for this. Click here to begin the process.

How to use your voucher

This is really easy.

  1. For Cash-Value Vouchers:
    • Choose your desired hotel and proceed to make a booking as you would normally do with a credit or debit card.
    • During the checkout stage, select the option indicating you have a voucher.
    • Enter your redemption code in the provided field. This code can be found on your voucher.
  2. For Specific Hotel Break or Experience Vouchers:

Should you need any assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. For current opening hours and contact details click here.